My little babes
My tummy is gone, and abs are sloowwwllyyyy starting to appear 👍
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I’ve lost 20 pounds but for the past couple weeks I’ve just stopped losing weight.
I’m definitely getting smaller and more toned but its wicked annoying that I’m not losing weight anymore.

Rang in the New Year with my love

So weird that it’s already been four years. Keep resting easy Chris.

It’s boy’s and my 6 months on Thursday. It doesnt feel like its been that long at all, which is a good thing I guess.

I really have never been this happy, and I never thought I would be happy again after my ex and I broke up last year.


This is what a relationship with two Bruins fans looks like

Never thought this would happen here. Praying for the victims and their families.

I’ve been happier these past few months with my boy than I was the last year of my past relationship..wut

This is what I get to deal with

Why do guys call me “babe” during sex…?

I’m not your babe, I just want your penis.

That is all.

I’m an idiot



I feel like a huge idiot because the one time I start to crush on someone, he leaves for six months.

Go me..

I can’t believe somebody could go into an elementary school and kill innocent people and children. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is effected by this horrible tragedy.

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